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Buy Live Ants Only £10.50

´╗┐Buy live ant farm ants in the UK and EUROPE + FREE FIRST CLASS DELIVERY from Europe's largest, most popular and experienced European-wide live ant supplier.

Since 2005 we've dispatched over 266,550 ants to over 6,810 happy customers!

buy live ants imageBuy Live Ants only £10.50
Scientists have identified which type of ants work best in the nutritious and non-toxic gel Ant Farm environment and you can send off for some of the very same worker ants for only £10.50 per set including free first class delivery - these ants just love to dig! (These ants are suitable for Antworks and other "gel" ant farms as well as soil ant farms - they love to dig in anything!)

One order of ants maybe sufficient for very very small ant farms, however we recommend a double (about 50 ants) or triple (about 75 ants) or quadruple (about 100 ants) set as this will dramatically increase the speed at which your ants dig, and the number of tunnels they create - just take advantage of one of current special offers (if available).

and ant care advice, hints and tips.
All items in stock as of:

Buy Now securely using Paypal who quickly and securely process your payment details which are not passed to us. You do NOT need to create an account to order via Paypal. Ordering indicates you have read and agree to our terms and conditions of sale at the bottom of this page.


Ants will be delivered via FREE FIRST CLASS delivery of charge to the UK and via First Class Postage to EUROPEAN ADDRESSES

We regret we CANNOT ship outside the UK and EU Postal Insurance: If you would like to order postal insurance to guarantee a FREE replacement if your ants die in the post please order then add postal insurance using one of the buttons below ordering with the SAME DETAILS.

Postal Insurance is REQUIRED FOR ORDERS TO OUTSIDE THE UK and highly recommended for UK orders during cold or hot periods or if you live outside major towns.

Postal Insurance £3

Terms and Conditions of sale: (updated 08/02/2012)
We are only able to ship ants to CORRECT UK or European addresses - if your address is incorrect we will be unable to complete your order and we regret we are unable to offer refunds.
We are unable to ship to outside the EU.
Modifications to orders (quantity, address or other details) incur a 5UKP administration charge.
UK Delivery usually takes just a few days but during periods of high demand and/or adverse weather conditions please allow up to 28 days for delivery before contacting us regarding your order. We are unable to reply to order queries if you do not forward the order confirmation email we send after an order is added to our system.
Please note, in extreme weather conditions we are unable to dispatch ants at all (as they would not survive the post) so delivery may take longer than 28 days.
Delivery is via first class delivery unless otherwise stated. In the exceptional case of a customer requiring a refund we are unable to refund P&P fees or third party payment processing fees.
European Delivery usually takes at least one week but may take up to five weeks depending on demand, stock levels, weather conditions, and the international postal service. We regret we are unable to offer refunds.
We use Lasius Niger (black) or Lasius Flavus (yellow) worker ants depending on stock levels and demand but we are afraid we CANNOT predict which type of ant you will be sent, or send ants of your requested type. We are unable to supply Harvester Ants unless a Queen Harvest colony is purchased. Lasius Niger and Lasius Flavus are suitable for Antworks Ant Farm.
Ants from different colonies should NOT be mixed (as they will fight).
Queen Ants are not suitable for the Antworks Ant Farm.

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